We can create offline digital training resources that replace printed manuals and  textbooks. These are websites that run on CD’s or pen drives and are perfect for places the internet cannot go. We have developed offline training resources for a number of organisations including the shipping industry and education providers.

Case study: International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF): Work in Fishing Convention

It is widely recognised that the forty million men and women working in fisheries worldwide are operating in a highly dangerous and mostly unregulated profession. The International Labour Organization (ILO) Work In Fishing Convention is designed to ensure that the working lives of fishers worldwide meet minimum international standards. In a hazardous and largely unregulated industry, it is a landmark Convention and the ITF is committed to its global implementation on both a governmental and a contractual level.

We were asked to create a digital resource that would enable practitioners without the internet to access the ILO training materials. The remit was to present a series of pdf and movie files scripted in three differing languages. In response we developed what is in essence a website housed on a pen drive, where the user accesses the site via a web browser, views documents and watches videos on the browser window – but without the need for internet access. This model has now been adopted by the ITF for future projects where online access to training material is limited. We have also created similar resources in English Spanish and Arabic.