Your new website will need some space on the world wide web where it can be easily backed up and refreshed whilst also being kept secure from the hackers.. We can advise you on ,how to put these systems in place, or, alternatively, we can instigate a simple site management contract and manage your site for you.

We can also set up email accounts and purchase domain names on your behalf.

Case Study: Creative Cairngorms

Creative Cairngorms is a collective of artists, sculptors, photographers and craft-makers who live and work in and around the Park. They use their website to show their work and each artist has their own login and the ability to manage their own page. As well as creating the website we also manage the security of the website, protecting it from hacking attacks, updating the content management system and make regular backups. We also manage their email, providing access from computers and mobile devices.

This is a service we offer all our clients and one that can be readily tailored to your own needs. Please contact us for more information.